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The most desired jobs in the UK

Has yours made the list?


In recent surveys by the Telegraph and YouGov, the UK voted for their most desired jobs. Our list combines the top jobs featured in both reports, looking at what makes these roles so popular. Has your job made the list and what motivates you when selecting a chosen career path?


More than just a job

It seems that it is not just the job itself we desire when selecting a career path but the benefits that each role provides us with. Reasons for pursuing each job varied between stability, creativity, salary, prestige, career progression, flexibility and independence amongst many others. What is evident is that we are all attracted to different career paths for different reasons with individual aspirations and motivations playing a key factor. But which of these roles would entice you, if any at all? 


1. Author 

Rated as the number 1 most desirable job in the YouGov list. Writing down your own thoughts for a living is a joyous experience (most of the time). It gives you freedom to work whenever and wherever you like. To express your creativity and take the imaginations of countless people beyond reality; all the while getting paid to do it. 


2. Librarian 

Well known for its tranquil working environment, this career is popular to those wanting a peaceful life (which is probably most of us). Librarians generally feel a strong sense of purpose, get plenty of holidays and work with intellectual, like-minded colleagues. Not the highest paid career in our list, but the other perks make it one of the most desirable roles in the UK. 


3. Marketing Manager 

With the ability to work in almost every industry, opportunities to travel and meet clients, a plethora of career opportunities and the recent spur in demand, it’s no wonder this job ranked highest in the Telegraph's top 25 jobs list. 


4. Finance Manager 

Finance Managers play a key part in almost every large business and are rewarded with an impressive average wage of £52k per annum. As a bonus, this role is not very susceptible to economic downturns and career progression is high. 


5. Academic 

A highly rewarding job which comes with both wisdom and respect. With flexible hours and the ability to teach and contribute personal research to your field of expertise, it’s the perfect career for someone in pursuit of knowledge. 


6. Lawyer 

Lawyers are among the highest paid and most prestigious professionals in the modern world. Through their studies, a lawyer will earn intellect and authority. 


7. Sales Manager 

Arguably one of the toughest jobs among this list. Sales Managers must deal with deadlines, training, building plans, recruiting and dismissing staff. Extremely demanding, it often pays well and the leadership skills you gain from this role can further your career along with being transferable to other roles and sectors. 


8. Business Analyst 

The observers and problem solvers of the organisation. They generally have influence over major decisions and aim to improve their personal reputation by leading their company to success. Once established, a Business Analyst can expect to earn around £46k per year. 


9. Interior Designer 

A favourable career for someone who wishes to express their artistic talent whilst pleasing their clients. Interior design is both technical and challenging, utilising skills akin to an artist and an architect. 


10. Mechanical Engineer 

Due to the rise in activity in the Manufacturing and Engineering industry, Mechanical Engineers are increasing in demand. This is a sought after career for its job stability and unique skillset.


A diverse list of jobs I am sure you will agree and one that will always be subjective, with each person favouring roles that mirror their own individual aspirations and motivations. So tell us... was your role on the list and which do you think deserve to be ranked the most popular jobs in the UK? 



Posted on 22nd Jul 15

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