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5 Simple & Effective B2B Sales Tips

Simplicity and Effectiveness often go hand in hand

Not everything in B2B sales has to be difficult. Below, we are going to list some of the simplest, yet most effective tips to help you deliver better results.


1. Develop a personalised greeting

Being friendly and expressing gratitude when they take your call, goes a long way. It certainly helps discourage potential sales from slamming the phone down as soon as they hear “Hello, are you interested in buying-“. Don’t be afraid to be a little different (but try to keep it professional).


2. Ask the tough questions early

Losing a potential sale after investing time and effort into them is tough. You might as well get through the hard part early on, before you dedicate yourself to getting that sale. Things to consider are whether the business has the budget to buy your product? Do they need your product or can they be convinced?


3. Know who you’re targeting

It won’t hurt to know a bit of extra knowledge on the company you’re pitching to. Check them out on social media, see if they have any blogs or newsletters. Any info you find is ammunition for your pitch.


4. Have all your questions and statements written down in front of you

Unless you’re a 10 year sales veteran, free style pitching is like riding a horse over a mountain while blindfolded. Make your notes concise and colourful, to make it easier for you to identify which info you need at the time.


And above all


5. Remain relevant!

People are usually reluctant to give a stranger their spare time. Be on point and state the intent of your call early on (preferably in a way that ends with a question) - “If we can show you a way of saving money on your phone bills, would you be interested?”

Posted on 17th Feb 15

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