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Go Digital Newcastle

And what it means for us...



Back in 2012, Newcastle City Council announced the start of their new project Go Digital Newcastle - where they aimed to provide high speed fibre optic broadband to all residents and businesses of Newcastle and Gateshead. Included in the plan, was the “conversion” of the two cities into one giant (free) Wi-Fi hotspot for everyone to use at their leisure (although their plans for this were halted due to complications with their project partners - GOWEX).


2 years on and the majority of people and businesses in Newcastle and Gateshead have access to fibre optic internet and the citywide Wi-Fi plans are on their way.

Is there a reason for businesses to get on board with this? Definitely. Here’s why;


1. Superfast Broadband.

You’ll never have to wait five minutes for those funny cat videos to load again! But in all seriousness, having slow internet while you’re trying to finish off that report for your boss is painful. Better internet means less stress induced sighs.


2. Stable online skype conferences.

Normally these are only seen in Hollywood blockbuster films, but it’s both practical and efficient (and stylish) if you have the means to do it.

Imagine how convenient it would be to host an important business meeting without the hassle of travelling and booking a venue, while struggling to be punctual.


3. Access to the web wherever you go (granted you stay within the two cities).

When Newcastle and Gateshead eventually become one giant Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be able to stay connected at all times - never missing an important meeting or event again! Not only that, you would have access to the entirety of humankinds’ collective knowledge (the interwebs), on your smartphone. Great for research on the go.



4. Social Media-rise everything.

Does your company need a stronger online presence? I’m sure 24/7 internet access could help with that a little. Get your company noticed, even have some fun while you’re at it - take all the pictures, tweet all the tweets and advertise all the adverts.

Posted on 4th Dec 14

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