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Youth Unemployment

Mistakes were made...


In a world filled with high expectations and negative stereotypes, fresh school, college and university graduates, face the monumental task of finding a job.

It sounds easy, right? Finding a job.

Perhaps 10 years ago, before the financial crisis and the collapse of the Lehman Brothers. We live in a totally different world now. One where jobs that were once thought to be stable are now in jeopardy and low skilled jobs require qualifications and experience.


Almost everyone has felt the sting from the recession, but none more than today’s youths. In April to June 2014, the unemployment rate of 16-24 year old in the UK was 16.9%. The average rate for unemployment (as of August 2014) is 6.6% across all age groups.

So what are the reasons as to why young people struggle the most to find jobs?


Needing an A* in Maths to be a Viable Candidate

Many employers believe that someone with poor GCSE grades will not be competent in their job, so they are dubious to hire an individual that does not perform well academically.

This is somewhat true, although there is a large gap between academic achievement and being a hard worker, just look at Bill Gates! He dropped out of College without earning a degree. The same goes for Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg.

Some people are just not destined to walk the roads of the educational system, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the drive to be good at their job.


“I have no experience to get experience”

Possibly the biggest contributing factor to the sky high unemployment rates in young people.

There’s no shortage of minimum wage jobs that require previous experience in this day and age. More and more employers are (understandably) looking for “pre-trained” staff. However, if given the right person, almost anyone can be trained to perform a job adequately as long as they have the drive, regardless of prior experience.

Of course, that statement depends entirely on the skill level of the job (I wouldn’t expect an inexperienced person to manage air traffic control; you be the judge).



There’s Just Not Enough Jobs Out There

Sadly, the UK is still feeling the ripple effects from the 2007-2010 financial crisis. Because of this, employers are still being forced to keep their workforce to a minimum.

Until the economy picks itself up, there isn’t much we can do except endure it (“keep calm and carry on” as they say). So if your jobless, teenage son or daughter is still living with you, give them a break. It’s not entirely their fault…


Take a Leap of Faith

To the employers possibly reading this, I understand how uncomfortable you feel at the thought of hiring an inexperienced or uneducated person.

But think of it this way; in many cases you can teach someone a skill, faster than you can change their character. So if someone has the character you’re looking for in a job, I can guarantee they will be the better performer in the long run!

Posted on 1st Sep 14

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