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The Great Solutions Bake Off - Week 3

Which Bakers will rise to the occasion?


With the Great Solutions Bake Off being well underway, new rivalries are spawning and competition is becoming intense. In this week’s challenge, competitors will be fighting (and baking) against each other to earn their place in Round 4.

Let’s take a recap.


Week 1

The 13 contestants were challenged to bake a batch of Mini Cakes. They were judged on 4 criteria; accuracy in achieving the challenge, difficulty in producing the cakes, how good they looked and of course… the taste!

Fran O’Neil’s cakes proved to be superior, thus claiming the Star Baker title.

Sophie Seymour and Joe Smith were ruthlessly eliminated.


Week 2

In round 2 of the Great Solutions Bake Off, 11 contestants were challenged to bake their own custom version of the popular “Jammy Dodger”. This time, they were judged on purely on good looks and tastiness!

After many Mmm’s and Ergh’s, Becky Mortimer emerged victorious as the Star Baker.

Michael Bulmer and Chris Simmons were swiftly eliminated.


Week 3 is now dawning on the remaining 9 contestants, tensions (and dough rolls) are rising.

Who do you think will come out on top in this week’s Bread Baking competition?

Posted on 27th Aug 14

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