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5 Interview Questions That Will Never Catch You Off Guard Again

Just try to avoid the cliches...



What is your dream job?

This question is an intentional “trap”, designed to reveal your motives and true career goals. If you have a dream job that is in no way related to the job you are being interviewed for, it’s probably for the best if you don’t mention it…

Thankfully, your answer doesn’t really need to be a specific job. Instead you can explain what roles and responsibilities your dream job entails, such as interacting with the public or organising big events. You get extra points with the interviewer if your “dream” job relates to the current job you’re applying for.


What animal would you rather be?

Go with an unusual animal that has positive connotations - such as a Hawk with its keen precision and ability to notice the smallest of details, or the mighty Ox with its durable and hardworking nature.

Don’t go for the clichéd Lion choice. Not only does everyone else choose the Lion, it also connotes self-interest, unwillingness to work in teams and the desire to dominate or be the “alpha”.


Why do you want to work for this company?

It is definitely recommended that you have an answer prepped for this one, as it quickly reveals your true intentions for wanting the job. If you have a genuine reason, you’ll answer quickly and truthfully. If you just want money (and please don’t just say you need money), you’ll be stalling for time, while you think of the first semi-legitimate reason that pops into your head.

Mention how the company fits into your skills and chosen career path, as well as how you can use those skills to benefit the company.


What is your greatest weakness?

“I work too hard” seems to be the current favourite. That just avoids the question and suggests you aren’t able to properly evaluate yourself. Instead, be honest. So you’re bad at time keeping? Tell them. But also include the steps, and the lengths you’ve went through to correct this weakness.

This will prove your honest nature, and it will show that you are capable of overcoming obstacles.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A very difficult question to answer without disproving your (future) loyalty to the company. But don’t worry too much. Most employers don’t expect you to be thinking that far ahead. Nor do they expect you to swear your allegiance to the company then and there.

Think of this as way to explain the general direction you are heading. What goals you have, the experiences you would like and skills you want to gain along the way (and of course, how you will progress within their company).

Posted on 19th Feb 15

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