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The Best Jobs of All-Time

Fun jobs actually exist?...




#1 Skydiving Cameraman

You see pictures of your friends skydiving, on Facebook all the time, but have you

 ever wondered who takes those pictures? That’s right, some lucky person gets to join them in their 120mph adrenaline ride.

Averaging 12-15 jumps per day and minimum of £25 per jump, it’s definitely the 

most rewarding job on our list. 



#2 Professional Sleeper/Bed Tester

Yes, this dream job exists (literally). Many bed designer companies and even NASA employ people to study the effects of sleeping for however many hours.


In September 2013, NASA paid a group of people £11,000 each to stay in bed for 70 days! Pro bed testers earn an average of £18,500 a year, to sleep on luxury beds and write reviews.



#3 Waterslide Tester

You get paid £20,000 a year, to ride water flumes! Of course there is the reporting side of the job, (how comfortable it was, temperature, too much water etc) but you know… waterslides!


That’s not all either, you’ll be required to travel around the country or even the world, (all expenses paid) to give your opinion on the best waterslide parks around the globe.



#4 Movie Critic

It’s a great feeling when you get home from work, turn on Netflix and watch an awesome film. But imagine if that WAS your job?

Relaxing and watching films all day then writing a review on your experiences is a great way to earn a living. With an average wage of £20,000 per year, it’s a job offer you can’t refuse.



#5 Astronaut

Admit it. When you were a young kid, you dreamed about going to the moon and exploring space. And who can blame you? Space is the epitome of curiosity, interest and adventure. A thrilling combination of emotions that make you feel alive!

Not only is this the most exciting job out of our top 5, it’s possibly THE most exciting job, period. Despite the dangers, fear of the unknown and being truly alone in space, most people would love to be given the chance to be an astronaut. It’s human nature to strive for knowledge and understanding.

In a way, it describes the human quintessence better than any other job.

Posted on 30th Sep 14

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